Body Shortcuts
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Thank you for visiting the JW Shinyak homepage.

JW Shinyak is a clinic specialty maker that supplies the best specialty medicines required by dermatologists, urinary tract, and otolaryngology.
We are focused on bringing together the market leader in our sales network and our JWgroup`s R&D infrastructure to gain momentum.

In particular, it is recognized for its unique technological capabilities in its bio-shinyak development and does its best to produce medicines that support healthy living for its people through continuous research.
JW Shinyak's technology capabilities enable it to offer mid - to long-term visions and to prepare for a new leap forward into a market leading pharmaceutical company with a differentiated product strategy.

JW Shinyak's development has been driven by the unstinting trust and encouragement from shareholders and customers. We will always do our best to contribute to shareholders, clients, and society and to become the proud JWs in the world.

We look forward to your continued encouragement and support.