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Company Introduction

The constraint and the accompanying JW Shinyak, the biomarkers.

JW Shinyak, which has excellent competitiveness in the clinics, such as the dermatology, urology, and biofeering, extends its focus to the field of the internal medicine market, and develops through the combination of pharmaceutical and bio-technology.

Fostering the new growth engines by establising its own business portfolio
JW Shinyak is becoming specialized maker in clinic, who produces and provides high-quality medicine and medical supplies needed in dermatology, urology, pediatrics, otolaryngology, etc., by executing multilateral business restructuring. Furthermore, we also enter untapped niche market such as obesity medicine, and create synergy through joint marketing for JW pharmaceutical’s excellent original medicine and medical supplies.
Development of immunocy to chemistry medicine with unrivaled technology
JW Shinyak has been acknowledged for its unrivaled technology in new bio medicine development. JW Creagene, the subsidiary company, centers on a drug delivery technology that helps to transfer dendritic cell and high molecular substance used for development of chemotheraphy to cells effectively. Based on this technology, we are developing prostate cancer treatment, liver cancer treatment, Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment, etc. by using immune cells.