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Ethical standards

Pharmaceutical companies ' mission is to develop safe and high-quality medicines based on the spirit of life respect, contributing to improving the quality of life for the people and humanity.

To achieve this, JW Shinyak has introduced a program to comply with fair trade regulations, strengthen its commitment to comply with regulations, and strengthen its regulatory compliance program.

The recent developments in the pharmaceutical industry have led to the application of stricter standards of ethical standards, and ethical management has now become a part of the corporate survival strategy.

In particular, this year, when the mandatory reporting of economic benefits is enforced, all executives and employees will have to take the first step towards strengthening their market competitiveness by implementing the providence-focused sales and marketing based on the strict compliance with the JW CP Regulations.

In order to practice ethics management in detail, JW Shinyak established a CP dedicated department in 2017 after introducing a program to enhance compliance with ethics management.
In particular, the risk department will conduct systematic monitoring, reward the CP compliance organization, and punish violators according to the regulations.

In the future, ethics standards are not a means to control executives and employees ' behavior, but to establish a close relationship with the company's various stakeholders by becoming a key factor in strengthening the company's competitiveness.

JW Shinyak offers strict implementation of its management and supervision activities to proactively remove the factors that are detrimental to compliance and ethics management, and to ensure that all executives and employees continuously comply with the CP culture through quality management.

Thank you.

JW Shinyak Representative Director
Baek Seung-ho