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Efficacy : Treatment for male pattern hair loss and female hair loss

Monad Tab.

Efficacy : Treatment for male pattern hair loss (androgen alopecia) in adult males (18 to 41 years old)

Glicover Soft Cap.

Efficacy : Secondary symptoms and denaturement or degenerative spiritual syndrome due to brain vessel defects : direction sensory disorders due to memory loss and faultfulness, morale and spontaneous degradation, loss of concentration and concentration.

PD Tab.

Efficacy : Endocrinology disorder : Corrosive and intersperopical cortex failure is the primary choice, especially in the presence of a photocorterosis or corticidosis, if necessary.

Rithromycin Tab.

Efficacy : The heptococococus, Pneumonia corescus, Streptoccoccus Pigengenes, Listeria Monothito Zenith, The streptoccocous apalachite (group B), Streptoccoccus Viridans, Influenza germs. Parainfluenza, Moruc Shelacathaniris, Regionella Neumopole, Bordetella whooping cough, Factory campellobox, Helicobacter pylori, Impaction, Animal pasturella pathogen, Miko plasma, pneumonia. Clamidia Tracomatis, Clostridium Perfringens, Peptococcusternail, Propionibuterium atone, Pacteroides Melanie Nogenicus, Micobacterium Abium, Micobacterium intrasella Lula

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